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Over the past 150 years, the age-old tradition of merchants, grocers & bonders independently blending and bottling whiskey has until recently all but vanished from Ireland. A dying art made unique, by individual craftspeople carefully maturing whiskey in select casks. A trade as rich and historic as Irish whiskey itself.  The dormant seeds of yesteryear have sprouted a new generation of artisan bonders and independent bottlers where history and the present are blended for the future!

Core Expressions & Cask Finishes

Available where all Great Drams are sold

Two Stacks Irish Whiskey Releases...

"Dram In A Can"

Two Stacks Green Can 100ml

A superior blend of grain Malt & Pot Still Whiskey


Two Stacks Blue Can 100ml

A superb Single Malt Double Barrel


Two Stacks Whiskey Bonding & Blending

Situated in the heart of Bernish Viewpoint

Two Stacks

Independently Bottled Irish Whiskey Expressions

Bringing Age Old Techniques to Modern Day Whiskey

Inspired by the distilleries and merchants of old and the global brands of new Two Stacks Whiskey is a part of a new wave of exciting independent Irish whiskey bottlers.

Selecting distillate and casks from some of Ireland’s leading distilleries Two Stacks is a group of tipplers and enthusiasts at the forefront of the Irish whiskey renaissance.


In the heart of Newry Co Down, from where Two Stacks calls home. A revival is taking place.

Under the Bernish Viewpoint, proudly sits Two Stacks HQ, where our slumbering casks start the journey in helping to restore the lost art of bonding.

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