About Two Stacks

Blending the very best of contemporary irish flavour with real distilling heritage; Two Stacks is at the forefront of Ireland’s Whsikey revival.

Quick History: Ireland once had a rich history of cask bonding. A key lifeblood to the industry, where many towns and cities across the country had family ran businesses, big and small operating as bonders, grocers and merchants. Purchasing directly from established distilleries, the casks were left to mature before its subsequent bottling under the respective owner’s own label. With the demise of the Irish whiskey industry in the early 20th century, only a handful of these great brands have survived to this day, and with it, the light that shines on this tradition was nearly extinguished for good.

And so, Two Stacks was born…

Founded in 2020 by Shane McCarthy, Liam Brogan & Donal McLynn with fresh knowledge and experience in the globalised world of spirits.

Two Stacks was inspired by the traditions of old and contemporary brands of new. Opening one of Ireland’s only independent bonding & blending facilities in 2022, with the ambition to combine these worlds together.

Our unique approach to working with some of Irelands leading  distilleries; selecting the finest spirit distilled across the Island  allows us to create incredible expressions of whiskey never crafted nor tasted before. We continue to build our reputation on top of three key fundamentals and to help shape the future in Irish whiskey.

Transparency | Creativity | Innovation

Two Stacks is part of a new and adventurous chapter in Irish whiskey, and we want you to help us tell its tale!

— Sláinte

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Having spent the last 6 years playing the roles of importer and distributor for some of the most well known Irish drinks around the world we decided the time was right to launch our own brand of Irish whiskey with the goal of selling something that we’ve had a hand in producing.

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