Dram In A Can

When whiskey meets Innovation

Dram in a Can is a world first, combining our award-winning whiskey in an easy-to-pack solution.

With over 500,000 cans sold globally since its launch in 2021. A 100ml serving and only 22g, easier to pack, easier to carry, and when empty over 8 times lighter than your conventional miniature 5cl glass bottle.

Dram in a Can has proven that even the smallest of packages can bring the biggest surprises.


Yes we can... Bringing you Whiskey on the move!

The Two Stacks — Dram in a Can is the world’s first Irish whiskey in a can, serving the same great flavour profile and focus on quality spirit as the rest of our family of whiskey.

Perfect for on the move, out with friends or even just a solo dram in the great outdoors. Enjoy your Dram the way you want!


4 Pack Retail Ready

Two Stacks Complex Blend.

The first to combine 5 styles of whiskey, 4 types of distillate, matured in 3 different cask. Our award winning complex blend was too good not to can for everyone’s enjoyment!


4 Pack Retail Ready

Two Stacks Single Malt – Double Barrel.

With 3 styles of malt and 2 types of cask maturation, Two Stacks Double Barrel Single Malt combines the soft malty texture with an abundance of sweetness and peatiness, delivering a new and exciting drinking experience in the palm of your hand.


Dram In A Can from

Two Stacks Irish Whiskey

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