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Pillars of Creation

Pillars of Creation - 1 x 700ml bottle

Pillars of Creation - 1 x 700ml bottle

56% ABV
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A new chapter in Irish Whiskey, written by a new generation of Irish Distilleries. This remarkable whiskey marks a historic collaboration, uniting the distinct character of three renowned single casks from Dingle Distillery, Echlinville Distillery, and Killowen Distillery. Expertly married in a Cream Sherry Butt, each sip unveils a symphony of flavors, a testament to the artistry and dedication of Ireland's oldest independent distilleries. "Pillars of Creation" heralds a new era for Irish whiskey, where tradition meets innovation in a truly unparalleled expression of excellence.


Whiskey Gift Bag

Whiskey Gift Bag

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Yes we can... Bringing you Whiskey on the move!

The Two Stacks — Dram in a Can is the world’s first Irish whiskey in a can, serving the same great flavour profile and focus on quality spirit as the rest of our family of whiskey. Perfect for on the move, out with friends or even just a solo dram in the great outdoors. Enjoy your Dram the way you want!

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Our focus on eco-friendly practices is not just a commitment; it is a reflection of our broader vision. Through sustainable operations and conscious choices in every aspect of our product, TWO Stacks Irish Whiskey aspires to set a standard for responsible business practices within the spirits community

Two Stacks is part of a new and adventurous chapter in Irish whiskey, and we want you to help us tell its tale!

Ireland once had a rich history of cask bonding. A key lifeblood to the industry, where many towns and cities across the country had family ran businesses, big and small operating as bonders, grocers and merchants. Purchasing directly from established distilleries, the casks were left to mature before its subsequent bottling under the respective owner’s own label.

With the demise of the Irish whiskey industry in the early 20th century, only a handful of these great brands have survived to this day, and with it, the light that shines on this tradition was nearly extinguished for good.

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