• I was so surprised by the whiskey

    We went on their tour and it was amazing! We had a welcome cocktail, learned about whiskey and then made our own, custom whiskey - I felt like I was a junior distiller for an hour!

    Rose J
  • you’ll taste the goodness

    A great set up ran by the best.based just outside of Newry. With incredible liquid to grab a taste of and highly informative staff to tell you all about it.

    Sean B
  • Back for More

    Dram in a can is top drawer, will be back for more 👍🏻 …

    Gavin B
  • Great Experience

    Shane and Liam, the founders, were on hand and shared loads of details about their operations.

    Matthew J
  • Highly recommended.

    Been to a lot of tours around Ireland on various trips, this was a unique one. Not distillers, blenders of unique offerings. After a walk through of the facility, nosing a select cask or two, the best part awaited.

    Wee G
  • What A taste

    Been a big fan of Whiskey, and really I can't fault the Two Stacks Range, lovely tastes and notes, will be back to buy some more.

    Mark K


Our focus on eco-friendly practices is not just a commitment; it is a reflection of our broader vision. Through sustainable operations and conscious choices in every aspect of our product, TWO Stacks Irish Whiskey aspires to set a standard for responsible business practices within the spirits community